Toxic Relationships

Sorry about the double posting.

But I’m sitting her watching Dr. Phil (Why?  I don’t know) and I can’t not say something.

The episode involves a married couple where the man has been physically abusive.  And the woman has maybe been verbally abusive.  Hard to tell.

I just watched this man admit to holding a knife to his wife’s throat.

He explained that he only did it to terrorize her, not kill her, so that made it okay.

And then he said the he hadn’t really hit her when he slapped her because he used an open hand not a closed fist.

He claims that he’s had to do these things because of the types of negative things his wife says to him.

If you’re a guy in a relationship and you have ever put hands on your significant other, get help.

It is not normal or acceptable to harm the person you are supposed to love.  It’s not.

My advice to these two people would be this: WALK AWAY.

Don’t focus on whose fault it was that the situation escalated to that point.

Focus on the point that you, as a couple, engaged in physical violence with one another.

Some combinations are absolutely toxic.

And when you find yourself in one, you need to get out whether you are the victim or the abuser.

And if you find yourself repeating this pattern then you need to step away from relationships long enough to get your shit straight.

You cannot find a healthy relationship if you don’t have a healthy attitude about the type of people you are trying to date.

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