Skip The Photo When Online Dating

I found an interesting article today on msn.  (Okay, so the article isn’t exactly fascinating, but what it was about is.)  Here’s another from Daily Beast.

There’s a new dating website, Twine, where you aren’t allowed to see a picture of your matches until after you’ve started communicating with them and both agree to it.

I haven’t used this app at all, so can’t vouch for it.

But the idea is one I advocate in my book. Because (in my experience) far, far too often men get fixated on appearance and miss all the red flags that things are not going to go well.

I wish more men would look at women’s profiles and figure out if they have anything in common with a woman before they look at her photo.  It would turn out better if they did.

Sadly, that’s not how it goes.

(Might also be why Twine currently has about sixteen women to one man signed up.)

So, if you’re a guy and you’re looking for a lasting relationship, it might be worth giving this a shot.  Get around that whole “pretty smile” blindness that kills your ability to meet someone compatible.

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