Songs I Like That Creep Me Out

Every once in a while there will be a song that comes out that I really like.  Until I start listening to the lyrics.

And then I wonder, what the hell am I listening to this for?

One recent example that has received more than its fair share of criticism is Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.

Pretty sure no one needs a link to it, since the damned song is everywhere.

I’ll be driving along in the car, it comes on, I start singing along and then I think.  “Ew.  That’s just…not right.”

It shows an offensive attitude toward women that I do not need to rehash here.

Damned catchy sound, though.  Very hard not to bop along to.

I’ll share this feminist parody of it instead:

The other song that I keep hearing and liking until I remember the lyrics is Redneck Crazy by Tyler Farr.

Another catchy song.

But the lyrics are about a jilted ex parking his truck on a woman’s lawn, getting drunk, and throwing objects at her house.  Seems she broke the heart of the wrong man according to the lyrics.

Um, showing up drunk at your ex’s house and threatening or engaging in violence is a RED FLAG.

Here’s a hint to any men out there:  Don’t let a woman know you identify with this song.

Because no woman wants an angry, psycho ex.  (At least no sane, rational woman does.)

It may seem harmless to get a little drunk and do something stupid to your ex, especially if she cheated.  Or to fantasize about it.

But, you gotta remember that a lot of women are killed by their partners every year.  Or, more often, their recently ex-partners.  (Men like that do not take it well when a woman leaves them.)

A man who identifies with doing something like this, even if he never has, is a man who would send me heading for the exit as fast as I could find it.

Which is why every time I find myself listening to this song, I change the channel.  It’s got a great sound.  But the message sucks.

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