My Dog Is A Creeper

Sad, but true.

If my dog were a human man someone would call her in to the cops.

When she was younger she’d always try to chase after other dogs or people and sometimes bark at them, so I trained her not to do that.  To sit nicely instead.

Well, now she sees another dog or a person and she just stares at them.  She doesn’t bark. She doesn’t move.

She just watches them.  And watches.  And watches.  And watches.

She will sit there, completely motionless, for five minutes, watching another dog or person.

And if I try to pull her away, she fights me.

Worse yet, we live in an apartment complex and she’ll see someone on their balcony or in their apartment and do the same thing.

And if anyone does come up to say hi to her, she gets a little spastic and jumps all over them because she’s so excited that they acknowledged her.

(I know.  I’m not a good puppy parent.)

Sound familiar?  For the ladies, I’m sure it does.

For the men, if you haven’t witnessed this yourselves, there are actually men that act much like my dog. Stare and then go all spastic and slobbery.  Don’t do that.  It’s creepy.

Good thing for my dog she’s cute as hell so no one seems to mind…

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