2 thoughts on “Awkward Single Conversations

    • Funny. I do believe that anyone can find someone and then I go and say that.

      I guess it’s more that I think it would be very challenging for me to find someone.

      For example, in the last year I’ve lived in three different countries and may be moving again soon. Makes it a little difficult to develop something lasting, but I enjoy living my life that way.

      And I grew up relatively poor. Not poor poor, but poor enough to feel it at times. But my education (thanks to scholarships) means that I’m normally interacting with people who didn’t grow up that way. And there’s a huge disconnect there that I wouldn’t want in a romantic relationship. Tried it, didn’t like it.

      Last but not least, my father was terminally ill the whole time I was growing up, so I have this huge reluctance to commit myself to someone knowing how ugly things can get. Ironically, the older I get the more likely it is that I’ll have to deal with illness issues in a relationship…

      And I have one of those low percentage of the population personality types per Meyers-Briggs.. Like 2-5%. So I think I really do think differently than large portions of the population.

      So, not impossible. Just fairly improbable that I could find a long-term relationship that made me happy.

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