Don’t Jinx It

I am a paranoid person.  I knock on wood.  I believe that bad luck comes in threes.  And I think that you just don’t say certain things because it just might jinx it.

Today I had a friend post about having had her “last first date ever”.  (The date was a few years ago.  Thankfully she’s not an irrational nut that goes on one date and thinks it’s happily ever after.)

I saw that post and was happy for her that she’s found someone.  BUT…

I also winced.

Because in this day and age, you just never know.

One of my very good friends just got divorced.  She’s not the first friend of mine that has gotten divorced and I’m sure she’s not the last.

And then there’s death and illness and who knows what else?

If life goes well, she has another fifty years ahead of her.  Minimum.

And I just don’t think she can say something like that safely.

It’s romantic.  But it’s not realistic.

And, I guess it makes me old-fashioned, but I just don’t trust a situation where a guy hasn’t put a ring on it.

(Hell, I don’t trust some situations where a guy has put a ring on it.)

(I once had a co-worker tell me that once you’re married you realize that nothing’s set in stone until the kids arrive.  Up until then, a guy is still potentially available.  Whoa!  At least the guy telling me that had kids…)

So, anyway.  Just my thought for the day.  I’m seriously hoping that the next relationship update I see by my friend is a positive one, but with words like that…she’s just tempting fate.

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