Online Dating Does Work

Not for everyone, but it does work.

I was thinking about this today because a friend of mine who met her husband online just had a baby.  And she and her husband really are a good match.  They wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for online dating.

Another friend of mine met his wife online as well.  And four, five years later (?) they’re still going strong.

I think what both of my friends had in common was a very positive attitude towards the whole thing.

My friend who just had the baby went on a large number of dates from the site she was on.  She wasn’t trying to be overly selective up front.  She was just trying to get out there and meet people and see what happened.

Me?  I’m a paranoid freak who thinks there are some seriously crazy people out there, so I am always pretty aggressive in weeding guys out before I meet them.  Which, since I’m still single and she’s not, kind of shows that her method is more successful.

Then again, she’s also a relationship person and I’m not.  I think between her first boyfriend and her husband she spent maybe six months of her life single.

I’m a firm believer that if you just keep trying you’ll eventually find someone.

All you have to do is look around at the people who do end up with someone and you’ll generally see a pattern of people who keep getting into relationships until they find one that sticks.

Of course, a lot of those people also have some pretty miserable experiences along the way.  My friend had at least one dating experience that would’ve completely freaked me out and probably driven me into hiding for a good six months.

The key I think is to be open, approach it with a positive attitude, and keep trying.

(And if that fails you can do what I did and write a book explaining all the things that just made you want to throw your hands up in despair…)

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