It Really Was Better Then

I remember growing up and having parents or grandparents talk about the good old days.  Like the present time was somehow flawed in comparison.  And, yet, despite that, I always figured that things would just continually improve.

Better technology, better life, right?

Well, today I finally hit that point where I think that things were better when I was a kid than they are now.

Why?  Because there was yet another school shooting today.  As part of it, kids were locked down in their classrooms while the police looked for bombs.

And everyone honestly believed that there could very well be bombs at that school.  Because that’s how things are these days.

I remember when I was in school we had some stupid idiot call in a few bomb threats.  I think he called in three in a week if I recall correctly.

The fire trucks responded each time and we were evacuated while they went through the school with bomb-sniffing dogs.

But we didn’t actually believe there was a bomb.  We all stood around chatting and shivering in the cold, completely unconcerned.  Because I grew up during a time when no one bombed schools.  And no one shot up schools.

Nowadays?  In the U.S.?  It’s just a question of which school will have a shooter this year.  And that is very, very sad.

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