Missed Opportunities

I was listening to some Katy Perry song today–the one about the guy who got away– and it occurred to me that most of us focus on the obvious missed opportunities.  That person we dated for six months and then its just didn’t work out, but looking back we can’t figure out why.  Or that person we were really good friends with and it never quite evolved into a dating situation.

But we all have missed opportunities every single day that we don’t even see as missed opportunities.

That person in the elevator that looks interesting.

The person you spoke to while waiting in line for a coffee.

That person you spoke to at the bar before your friends arrived.

Sometimes you might realize those were missed opportunities.  Sometimes those people linger in your memory for a while and you wonder “what if.”

But there’s a whole slew of even more subtle missed opportunities.

The party you didn’t go to.

The walk you didn’t take.

Basically, every time you chose to stay inside alone rather than go out into the world.

They’re all missed opportunities to meet people, to form connections, to change your life somehow.

If you want a relationship, create opportunities for connection.  Get out into the world.  Create the possibility for something to happen.

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