If He Isn’t Acting, Walk Away

This really is advice for the ladies.

As a woman I have more than once liked a guy and not acted on it for any number of ridiculous reasons.  I don’t want to ruin a good friendship, I’m not sure he’s ready for it, I’m just not in a perfect place for a relationship, I’ve been burned before by being the one who acts first, etc., etc.  So, for a guy, if you like a woman and she isn’t throwing herself at you, you probably still have a good chance.

For a woman who likes a guy (or a guy who likes a guy), if he isn’t acting, it probably isn’t going to happen.

I was watching The Bachelor this week.  (Why?  I do not know.  If I hear him call one more woman bella or say ‘yay, yay, yay’ about another chick…I’m sure it works on a one-to-one basis, but not when he does it with every woman.)

Anyway.  I was watching The Bachelor and I saw two perfect examples of this.

The first was when Juan Pablo said he wasn’t going to kiss any of the girls on one of his group dates.  Seems he’d already kissed six girls and wanted to set a good example for his daughter, so he said he was going to refrain from kissing anyone else.

And then what did he do?  He went and made out with some chick.

Why?  Because she had really pretty lips and teeth.

Not the first man to do something like that.  And certainly not the last.

The second was when his front-runner basically told him that she’d dated a man with a young daughter before and that it hadn’t worked for her.  Not only that, she clearly showed signs of not liking kids.  And definitely not wanting the three kids that he wants to have.

What did he do?  Tell her how wonderful she was, make out with her, and give her a “let’s keep going” rose.  Ostensibly for her honesty.  In reality because he’s sexually attracted to her.

That’s what men do.  If they’re attracted, they act.

This is the hardest thing to realize as a woman: Men Act.

If they like a woman, they act.

Yes, I’m generalizing.  I’m sure there are some guys out there who don’t act or who haven’t acted.

But more women have wasted more time holding out for a guy who really didn’t have an interest in them than have ever walked away from a guy who really did want them but was holding himself back.

So, my advice to the ladies: If you like a guy and he isn’t acting.  WALK AWAY.  Don’t stay friends.  Don’t keep flirting.


If I’m wrong, he’ll come after you.  And if I’m not?  You’ll free yourself up to meet someone who is interested.

Walk away.

That is all.