A Few Thoughts on Gifts In Honor of V-Day

I read an article this morning that basically said that giving a woman a teddy bear for Valentine’s Day is infantile and should never be done.

Well, hold up there.

Two of my favorite gifts from guys were stuffed animals of some variety.  So, personally, I think a stuffed animal can be a great gift.

But not just any stuffed animal.  Not just some random-assed teddy bear you grab at the gas station on your way home.


The reason the two stuffed animals I received worked is because they meant something special.  They showed that the guy in question was buying me a gift.  Not just some random, generic woman a gift.  Me.

And they didn’t buy them because it was safe.  These gifts were personal.

I can’t explain the first one without people thinking the absolute wrong thing, so I’ll describe the second one.  (It wasn’t a Valentine’s Day gift, by the way, but I still think it would’ve worked for Valentine’s.)

At the time I lived in a small little apartment.  Small enough to have one color scheme throughout the whole place.  And that color scheme was forest green and burgundy.

Well, the guy I was dating at the time had to go to some two-week training and we hadn’t seen each other for a week before that.  These were pre-FB, pre-Skype, pre-everything days, so there was really no contact during that time.  Maybe a phone call or two.  And I was kinda done with it.  I liked him, but why date someone if you don’t ever see them?

So, he shows up at my door and he has this teddy bear hidden behind his back.  And he gives it to me and tells me he saw it at some random store and it made him think of me.  Melted my little ice-cold heart.

Why?  Because, first, it was a cute teddy bear.  (There are some fugly ones out there, so cute counts.)  That showed good taste in general.  And, second, it matched the colors in my apartment perfectly.

It was personal.  I really could believe that he had seen that teddy bear and thought about me.

And for me that’s always what counts when it comes to gifts.  It isn’t the expense.  It’s whether the other person actually thought about me when they bought it.

The other gift that’s in my top three is a sand dollar-sized shell from the beach.

Why was that a good gift?

Because the note that came with it said that it reminded the guy of the night we’d walked on the beach together.  A special moment for us.

It was a shell he probably picked up off the sand.  But it had meaning.

It was a GOOD gift.

So, if you’re thinking of giving someone a gift and you want it to be a good one.  Then give the gift that will work for THAT person.

If you’re dating a woman who needs to show all her friends that  you’re the “right kind of guy” then by all means send a dozen roses to her at work or buy her a diamond tennis bracelet.  Or maybe she just really loves roses?  Fine.  Send them.

But if you’ve never seen her with roses on her table.  And she’s never said anything about liking roses?  And maybe she has her place decorated with daisies?  Well, then, maybe you don’t get her roses.  Get her daisies.

This applies to any gift for anyone, by the way.  Get them something that matters to them.  That works with their life.  Be thoughtful.

And Happy Valentine’s Day for those of you who celebrate it.

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