Online Dating: Give It Ten Weeks

I had dinner with a friend the other night.  She’s currently over the moon about the new guy she’s seeing.  It wasn’t easy for her to get there, but get there she did.

I have another friend I touched base with recently who is also in a new relationship.  Last time we’d touched base he was just beginning the slog which is online dating.

Yes, slog.  There are some folks who find online dating exciting and exhilarating.  All those new people!  But most of my friends just want to be in a happy relationship with someone that interests them and the process of getting there can be downright painful at times.

Both of my friends found their new relationship through online dating.  One on Match.  One on eharmony.

Both worked it–hard.  We’re talking five to six dates in a week early on.  Maybe more.

Both had their down moments when they wondered whether it was really worth it.

But they pushed through.  And they both found someone.

Now, it helps that they’re both normal people looking for normal people.  And two is a pretty small sample.  But I really do think that most people if they really try hard (respond to most messages, send messages, agree to lots of in person dates) and are in that mid 60% of folks range, will find someone given enough time.

And, given the random anecdotes of my friends who have succeeded at this, it takes about ten weeks.

So, if you’re doing the online dating thing and struggling to get through, keep going.  It can work out.  And if my friends are any example, it’s pretty darned awesome when it does!

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