Who Knew EHarmony Now Employs Complete Assholes?

A friend of mine recently joined eHarmony and she passed along this link:

Terrible Profile Photos and the Women Who Take Them

I’m not disagreeing with the advice in the post.  I completely agree that glamour shots and cat lady photos are not the way to go.  Nor is the party shot, group photo, or photo with some random dude.  Eye contact, good lighting, and a smile do in fact work the best for women on dating sites.

But, man, is the person who wrote that post coming off as an ass.  There’s a difference between being funny/sarcastic and just sounding like a jerk who doesn’t like women much.  Well, kudos to whoever wrote this because he crossed into jerk territory.  Nice contrast to the grandpa-like founder in all their commercials.

If you’d like a non-jerk set of suggestions for your profile photos, check out OKCupid’s posts instead:

Don’t Be Ugly By Accident or Your Looks and Your Inbox or The Mathematics of Beauty

Similar advice, but without the douchey attitude.

Okay, stepping off of my little soap box now.  But, seriously, if you’re a guy and dating, don’t sound like that anywhere the women you’re trying to contact can see.  And if you’re a dating website that wants new female members, you might wanta avoid that tone, too.  Just sayin’.

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