Online Dating Basics Sale

In honor of the new year I’ve put Online Dating for Men: The Basics and Online Dating for Women: The Basics on sale for just 99 cents.  (Normally they’re $4.99)  So if you’re new to the world of online dating and looking for some direction, you might want to check them out.

(They’re also available in audio and paperback if that’s how you roll.  I almost never read ebooks myself because I forget they’re there to be read or I forget to charge my ereader and when I go to read it I can’t because it’s dead.)

I honestly think this’ll be a good year for dating.  I expect a lot of people are feeling exposed and vulnerable with everything that’s happening in the world these days and longing for a real connection. It’ll make people more open to going through the slog of dating to find someone.

That’s a good thing.  For you and the world.

Just make sure you’re finding someone who’s good for you.  Someone who likes you for who you are and supports you in what you want to do and who you want to be.  Life is way too short to be in a relationship with someone who drags you down or who makes you feel like you aren’t good enough.  You want someone who lifts you up and makes all those bad moments disappear.  And never ever settle for being with someone who is abusive towards you.  Verbally or physically.  There are better people out there. So find one of them.  Okay?

Wishing you much happiness and success in the new year.

(BTW, those links are for Amazon, but all the vendor site links are on the books page if you prefer to shop somewhere else like Kobo or iTunes or B&N.)

Dating Advice You Don’t Even Have To Read


So, I’ve been bored lately.  You’d think that would mean I’d finally get around to writing my book about what to actually do once you have a date with someone.  Or the one about how you really can find love and to hang in there.

But no.  (I’ve been writing some novels instead…Not under this name, though.  Someone else seems to be doing that…)

What I did do though is go out and hire an awesome audiobook narrator, Erin Fossa, and had her record Don’t Be A Douchebag and Online Dating for Men: The Basics.  So now, if you’re a man and you want to hear my wonderful online dating advice (or if you’re a woman and you want to hear exactly what I think of married men who approach me on those sites), you can.

Listen on the way to work.  Or at the gym.  Or while making dinner.  Or while you’re supposed to be working.

(And, hey.  If you don’t have an audible account, but open one and borrow one of my books first and send me proof to show you did it, I’ll send a few free download codes your way.  So basically you’ll get to listen to my book for free and get a couple others free, too.  Not a bad deal…)


50% Off on Kobo

So, turns out Kobo is running a HUGE promo right now on 1.3 million books.  They’re all 50% off for three days.  (Depending on where you are that either is already happening or will be happening soon.)  Might be worth checking it out.

Info is here.

I’m also pretty sure that somewhere in that list of 1.3 million books, you’ll find all of my books, just, you know, in case you are a kobo reader and have been hesitating to buy the books because of the cost…haha.

What books would those be?

Well, the classics Don’t Be A Douchebag and Online Dating Is Hell as well as the starter online dating guides for men and women.

And, because there’s only so much talking  about online dating you can do before jumping off a very high cliff starts to sound really, really fun, the puppy books are there, too: Puppy Parenting Primer, Puppy Parenting In An Apartment, and Dog Park Primer. (And I will note here that the covers of all of the puppy books feature my very own adorable, incorrigible pup, Miss Priss.  Why?  Because I could and she’s cute and if nothing else comes of writing those books, it made my mom happy to see her on the cover.)

(I will also note that I am NOT the person on the cover of Douchebag.  Just in case there was any possible question about that…)

Online Dating Basics: Men vs. Women

Wow, I am a really bad blogger because it’s been a couple months since I posted last.  But I have an excuse.  I was writing two new books.  Online Dating for Women: The Basics and Online Dating for Men: The Basics.

They started out as one book but then I realized that men’s and women’s (and we’re talking straight men and women here) experiences online dating are so different that it was just annoying to try to write about them in the same book.

In what ways you might ask?

Well, how about photos?  OkCupid does these great studies of their users every once in a while and came up with completely different recommendations for profile photos for men vs. women.  Women are supposed to smile into the camera, men are supposed to brood away from it.  Who knew?

(Although, I do wonder a bit about the advice for the men.  Maybe men looking for casual and fun are supposed to look like distant assholes.  But if you want something more serious, then I think looking nice and approachable works, too.)

Then there’s communication.  I think we all know that even in this day and age men are responsible most of the time for initiating a new conversation and that women can join a site, do next to nothing, and get messages.  A man who did the same would find himself very lonely.

Even the red flags I thought of were different between men and women.  Men had to watch out for the drama-filled types and women had to watch out for the “all women are bitches” types.

It’s kind of crazy when you start thinking about it.  Which I hadn’t, because the first time I tried online dating must’ve been about fifteen years ago.  But I had a friend try it for the first time this year and her comments reminded me of all the little things you need to think about that first time around.  Like choice of site, user name, what photos to choose, what to say, who to respond to, how to respond, when to agree to meet in person…There are a lot of moving parts to the whole thing.

So I wrote a book about it.  As you do.  Currently up at Amazon (including for free borrowing through Kindle Unlimited.)  It’ll go up everywhere else in a couple more months.  Probably in time for Valentine’s.  Always a fun holiday for the unwillingly single.