Write What You Know

Well, they say write what you know.  Which for me seems to be online dating, parenting a puppy, and, now, cooking for one.

It’s a sad, pathetic life (not really, it’s quite peaceful and drama free), but someone has to write about it right?

So, the latest and greatest from yours truly is now out just in time for the holidays:


This is not Master Chef cooking.  It’s your basic guide to feeding yourself without burning the kitchen down and for the absolute cooking newbie the first few recipes pretty much only require a spoon.  So if you’ve been thinking you should cook for yourself but haven’t known where to start and are intimidated by books that assume you know what you’re doing, this is the book for you.

It’s exclusive to Amazon at the moment and you can get it here.  That also means you can borrow it for “free” through Kindle Unlimited.

And, if you hadn’t noticed, because why would you, all the dating advice books are now available in audio and the puppy parenting books should all be available within the next couple weeks.  Puppy Parenting in an Apartment already is.  Check ’em out.  Links to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes U.S. stores are on the My Books tab.